Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3 pavāru restorāns Riga - do you need 3 chefs to burn oil?

We had quite an unpleasant experience at the 3 pavāru restorāns ("The Three Chefs"), Torņa 4 (Jēkaba kazarmas), Riga. Basically, it it a French cuisine establishment - lots of decoration, no food ... The starter salad was dressed with thoroughly burned vegetable oil - how many chefs do you need to invent a carcinogenic dish? The restaurant eventually ran out of white wine - it looks they have no wine cellar at all, and when we requested green tea we were informed that such requests should be made 3 days in advance ... Summing up, exorbitant prices, small dozes, poor cuisine, and even worse client service. Anything but this one, if you ask me.

Hotel invades client privacy

My room nº 1212 at Amberton hotel, L. Stuokos-Guceviciaus 1, LT-01122 Vilnius, Lithuania was equipped with a motion sensor mounted in the top corner of the room in front of my bed, which lighted up every time I moved around the room or changed my position in bed. I admit fire and smoke sensors are needed for safety and security reasons; however, I can't see any safety benefits from a motion sensor - the hotel already knows I am in the room if I have used my electronic key to enter. I would like to be informed, therefore, what are the security and safety benefits I am reaping at the cost of this invasion of my privacy.

Mirrored floor in the toilets

Those travellers who are interested in private parts of their neighbour are recommended to visit the toilet in front of boarding gate 25 at the Lisbon airport. They will find a cheap way to satisfy their curiosity, by watching two neighbours at a time, satisfying their needs in the adjacent cabins. It should be possible to take reasonable quality pictures as well - the reflections from the polished stone floor are well visible. Well done, Portela!