Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get desiccated in Pulkovo

The Pulkovo airport (Terminal 2), St. Petersburg, Russia, managed to elevate to the unattainable heights of sheer idiocy the simple security requirement of liquids exceeding 100 ml in volume not being allowed onto the airplane: they have no vending machines, at all, and no toilets, in the secure waiting area where you stay after you pass the security check. Quite surprisingly, they have managed to furnish a fairly large number of sitting places there. Still, the air traveller should drink and pee before entering the security check, or else be prepared to take off his/her shoes and (possibly) belts/suspenders (this was the first time I had been required to take off my suspenders, ever) more than once when going back out of the water-tight secure area for drinking or to the toilets ...

I had a similar experience in Pulkovo some 10 years ago, but had reasons to believe they managed to overcome this. Not in all of the boarding gates, obviously. Today I have been caught off-guard by the Boarding Gate 6, on the first floor, boarding to Munich very early in the morning.

They have obviously taken away my water bottle - no-one has cared to do the same on the two internal flights I had in Russia in August this year.

They do have free wifi internet in the water-tight area, thanks God!

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