Sunday, November 17, 2013

Alif Campo Pequeno - Lazy ...

This time I stayed at Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno from November 16 to November 17, 2013. The breakfast was quite economic - not much choice, really - and as I discovered later, I had to pay for it separately - neither this fact nor the price were sufficiently explicit on their web site when I made the reservation. I was attracted by their weekend discount price, but their conditions were insufficiently clear, even for a more than averagely attentive person. I made two requests to the hotel personnel, one was to substitute my chair - the one I had in my room had the seat cushion that was insufficiently rigid, therefore I ended up sitting on the 4 woods that made the seat frame. It seems that they have substituted the chair - with an equal one, which was no better than the first. My second request was to replace the fluorescent lamp in the bathroom, which blinked continuously, at an interval of about 1 second, which was extremely annoying. This request had been ignored, as the lamp continued blinking. I was offered two pillows sitting on top of my bed, but both were too high and too rigid for my liking, therefore, sometime in the morning I ended up sleeping withiut one, to avoid the neck ache I developed during the night.

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