Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hotel Capital, 20 Kyishi Dina Street, Astana, Kazakhstan

I stayed at this hotel from May 22 to May 25, 2014, on a business visit. My mattress was very uneven with my knees and elbows bumping into springs whenever I tried to change my position. My sleep during the first night was really difficult, while some of my colleagues complained they had no mattress at all, and were sleeping on the boards of the bed instead. They have no access for disabled - you have to climb some 15 stairs even before reaching the entrance door, with some more obstacles like spurious floor level changes inside the building. My hosts apparently complained to the reception about my bed, although that changed nothing. The water temperature control in the shower was very tricky - you could either get 100% of water from the hot-water pipe, which was too hot, or too much water from the cold-water pipe, which was too cold, while the desired intermediate position was very difficult to achieve. Internet worked in my room, the breakfast was reasonable, given the national traditions.

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